NEW SOUTH MEDIA is the region’s premier storytelling, content development, and multimedia publishing company that creates high caliber lifestyle, travel, and business publications for national audiences. Have a question? We’ve got answers.


Where are your offices located?

New South Media is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. Click here for the office’s contact information.

I have a story idea.

We love getting story ideas from our readers. You can jot down a few lines in an email and send it to, or call 304.413.0104 ext. 101 to speak with our operations manager, who will get the information exactly where it needs to go.

Where do I send a letter to the editor?

If you would like to send a letter to the editor, you can do so via email to or by mail to New South Media, 709 Beechurst Avenue, Suite 14A, Morgantown WV 26505.

How do I contact a staff writer or photographer?

If you would like to discuss a story or photograph that appeared in one of our magazines, submit your name and contact information to Be sure to include specifics of which article or photograph you’d like to discuss so we can connect you with the right person.

I was featured in the magazine. Can I get a standalone copy of the article?

Please call 304.413.0104 to order issues in bulk or to discuss other options. We sell PDFs with our logo. Call the office to inquire about details and turnaround time.

I have another question that hasn’t been covered here. Who should I contact?

For any questions that haven’t been covered here, call the New South Media operations and circulation manager at 304.413.0104 ext. 101.

Magazine subscriptions and purchases

What is my subscriber ID? How can I find it?

Your subscriber ID is our way of identifying you in our subscription management system. It can be found on your renewal notice.

Where can I find the magazines on newsstands?

Our magazines are sold on newsstands throughout the region. You can find newsstand locator tools on each of the magazines’ websites organized by counties in West Virginia and by locations outside of West Virginia.

I didn’t get my magazine—what should I do?

If you are sure you should have received your latest magazine but haven’t, call 304.413.0104 ext. 101 and talk to the circulation manager about getting a replacement magazine.

How to give gift subscriptions?

Subscriptions to all of our magazines make great gifts. You can purchase gift subscriptions online at, and by clicking on “subscribe.” If you would like our staff to send a card letting the gift recipient know that you purchased a subscription for them, send an email with their name and address to or call 304.413.0104 ext. 101.

What can I expect when it’s time to renew my subscription?

A few weeks after each issue hits mailboxes, our team gathers a list of all subscriptions that have expired with the last issue and sends out renewal notices. You will have about one month to return the renewal notice with payment to ensure you don’t miss any magazines. If you haven’t gotten a renewal notice and think your subscription has expired, call the circulation manager at 304.413.0104 ext. 101.

Where can I get extra copies of the latest issue or copies of back issues?

You can purchase extra copies and back issues of any magazine at

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We offer a discount on magazine orders of 10 or more. If you’re interested in a bulk order, please call the office at 304.413.0104 ext. 101 to purchase and arrange for delivery.

Is there a digital edition of the magazines online?

We do offer digital subscriptions of each of our magazines. You can find them here:
WV Weddings
WV Living

How much do subscriptions cost?

You can find subscriptions costs for WV Living here at
You can find subscription costs for WV Weddings at
You can find subscription costs for Morgantown magazine at
We do offer savings if you bundle subscriptions for more than one of our magazines. Call 304.413.0104 ext. 101 for details.

When will I receive by first magazine?

You will receive your first magazine roughly 4 to 6 weeks after your subscription is processed.

I have a question about my subscription—who should I call?

Call the circulation manager at 304.413.0104 ext. 101.

How do I change my subscription address?

To change your subscription address, please contact the circulation manager at 304.413.0104 ext. 101 or email

I received an invoice or renewal notice but have already paid for a new subscription. What happened?

Sometimes renewal notices cross paths with payments or are sent out erroneously because of a duplication on our mailing list. If you know you have already renewed your subscription but get another renewal notice, please disregard the second notice.

Why do you need my email address? Will you share it with anyone?

We gather email addresses from subscribers so that we have more than one method of contacting you should we run into problems with your subscription. It is not the practice of New South Media to share your email address with any other parties.

I have another question that hasn’t been covered here. Who should I contact?

For any questions that haven’t been covered here, call the New South Media operations and circulation manager at 304.413.0104 ext. 101.

Employment questions

Writers’ queries

We do not accept manuscripts. However, potential freelance writers may submit query letters that include well-defined story ideas and published clips to In order to be considered, you must include three to five clips, a resume, and a cover letter. You must be familiar with the magazine and the magazine’s style. Please, no telephone calls.

Photographers’ queries

We do not accept unsolicited photos. If you are interested in becoming part of our team of freelance photographers, send a query letter to This letter must include links to your work as well as your complete contact information. Please, no telephone calls.

Assignments and fees

Articles should follow the New South Media stylebook (given when a story is assigned or upon request), should be thoroughly fact-checked, and should include a list of the story’s sources with contact information. Stories must include suggested titles and subtitles and end with contact information if the subject is a business or businesses. Writers will receive contracts and W-9s upon being given their first paid assignments.

When a story is assigned to a freelance writer/photographer who has never worked with New South Media before, the assignment is unpaid for the first time. If the relationship continues, a contract will be sent to the writer with payment details for any subsequent article. Checks are mailed on the 15th of each month after the issue hits stands. New South Media does not pay travel expenses.

Assigned photographers must fill out a photo release form in addition to a contract and W-9.


Interns at New South Media are unpaid. Internships are offered year-round in the areas of editorial, photography, administrative, marketing and advertising, and web and video. To be considered, send a resume, cover letter, and samples of your work to Anyone interested in an internship must be familiar with the company’s publications and be a team player and self-starter with flexible hours.

Emails and newsletters

How can I sign up for New South Media’s emails?

You can sign-up for emails by clicking these links:
Weekender Sign-up
Unveiled Sign-up

How can I unsubscribe from New South Media’s emails?

Every email has a link to unsubscribe at the bottom.


Where can I get a media kit/rate card for WV Living, Morgantown magazine, or WV Weddings?

Download our current media kit here:
Weddings Media Kit
WV Living Media Kit
Morgantown Media Kit

Please email our sales director at for other rate cards or other information.

Can New South Media create my ad for me? Can I use it for other purposes afterward?

New South Media can create an original ad for your business, and the ad can be purchased for use outside New South Media’s family of publications for a nominal fee.